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*NEW* Contest Number Four

So finally some new things for you to win up on ……Continued!

This contest is extra special as you get three items to style instead of one!

First off we have some fabulous T-shirts from Emperors New Clothes

These are the must have Tee’s worn by supermodels and celebs alike

I am giving you the chance to win two of their must have designs

Both Tee’s are a size medium

Also included is a pair of sunglasses from the awesome Jeepers Peepers

These have large frames with beautiful gold detailing at the legs!

To be in with the chance of getting to style these items for three days then hopefully winning them.

Click on the ABOUT tab at the top to learn the rules

Then leave a comment on this post saying you want to take part!

If you don’t have a blog or don’t have your email address on your blog please leave it with your comment!

This contest will close on the 18th Of Feb 2010

I will choose three people to take part after this date!

Get commenting and good luck!


Contest Number Three – Contestant Number two

This is the lovely Kirsty from the blog Fashion Champagne

She is the second person to wear this dress from CovertCandy

I love that she and Sophie have both made it their own by giving it their own unique twist

I love Kirsty’s tights too, they are super pretty!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on this post!

Contest Number Two- Contestant Number Two

Everyone meet Juliet from the  fabulous blog Fashion Lolita

She is the second and final person to wear this tee from Jukupop

I really like the Lady GaGa esq bow that Juliet has accessorized the tee with!

I think it looks really great but what do you guys think?

Comment and let me know!

And again a massive big thanks to Juliet for taking part in ……Continued, you were awesome!

Ok, so I will be opening the voting polls to let you vote for your favourite between Juliet and Cindy very soon!

Keep and eye out!


Contestant Number One-Item Number Three

Sorry for the absence with ……Continued

It’s just taking a little while to get used to the new blog and  working with wordpress

But everything is back to normal now

And I will be posting all the time again

This here is Sophie from the beautiful blog Teacups and Saucers

She is wearing the dress from Covert Candy which you can see here

I love the way that she has really picked up on the vintage feel of the dress and used all gold jewellery to accessorize and I love that she has added the belt too, as it brings a kind of modern edge to the style of dress.

Sophie was the first person to receive the dress so you still have another two contestants to see before you vote on this competition to see who wins the dress!

I want to say a massive big thanks to Sophie

For taking part, Shes done awesome

If you haven’t checked out her blog please do so, as i think you might just love it!

Oh and keep an eye out as I have the most fabulous things waiting to go on ……Continued for you’s all to style and win

They will be getting added in the next few days!

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But first let me know what you think of Sophie’s outfit and how she styled it?

And remember as always if your want to exchange links with ……Continued please just leave a comment and I will get back to you!




Hello and Welcome to ……Continued

If you have came over from our old home then thanks for sticking with us and following us over here

Everthing is sort of the same only a little bit prettier now

The only thing that I couldn’t bring over from this blogs last home were the comments on the posts so you will have to click  here to read them.  But don’t worry if you comment on this blog all the comments will appear.

And if you are brand new to this blog then- 

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Then jump on over to the “Contests” tab to see if there are any contests still open that you can enter, if all the spaces have currently been filled, keep an eye out as there are new contests opening every few days

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