This is Valencia Lia
She is the first participant in ……Continued
This is how she styled the Tee in her 3 days with it
I think her outfit is awesome
I love the way she has used the body chain over the tee it gives it such a modern edge.
But its not about what I think its about what YOU think
Comment and tell me what YOU think of it.
After all the participants have had their turn and their pictures are on the blog
You can vote for who you think styled it best and they will win the Tee
I want to say a massive big Thanks to Valencia Lia for being the first person to take part
You can go say Hi to her over on her fabulous blog here
The other participants photographs will be up shortly then voting will open.
Only a few days before the new item goes up too
So keep checking back so you don’t miss your chance to take part in the next ……Continued style challenge!
Here This is Jowy wearing the Truffle Shuffle Tee from the first round of ……Continued
I think she looks amazing here
She has turned a t-shirt into a luxury piece of clothing
And the shoulder pads rock!
Jowy’s blog is one of my favourites, i think you would love it too
Check it out here
I want to say a massive thank you to Jowy for taking part
It is so exciting seeing how everyone is styling the item
This tee is currently on its way to its last destination and then i can open up the voting so you can vote for who has styled it best
But first i want you to tell me what you think of how Jowy has styled the tee
Are you loving it as much as me?
The support I’ve been getting from you all about this project is just amazing
Thanks so much and keep an eye out for new items and photographs of very stylish people going up soon
Remember if you want to exchange links, ask questions etc, just drop me a comment or email!

This is the awesome Cindy from the equally awesome blog-

She is wearing the Chaser LA tee from Jukupop
I love these pictures
I think she has styled the tee fantastically
and I think she has really shown how accessories can transform an outfit
and the mask is Fierce!
A massive thank you to Cindy for taking part
You should definitely check out her fabulous blog too!
I wanna know what you think of Cindy’s outfit
Let me know
Once all three contestants for item two have been posted then I will open the voting for you all to choose who styled it best!

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