……Continued is a blog with a difference
It is basically a platform for you to show off your styling skills and how you interpret different trends in your own way
It is also just a great way to get some fabulous free clothes!
Every few weeks (Or there abouts)
I will post some beautiful clothes or accessories
If you want this piece of loveliness
You leave me a comment or send me an email, saying something along the lines of can I have that please,etc
If you are one of the lucky few who are chosen
I will send this item out to you to have for 3 days
Within the 3 days you must take at least one photo of you wearing the item
On the morning of the 4Th day you mail the item to the address I give to you
The next person will then have the item and  forward it on
This will continue until all the lucky few have had their 3 days
Once everyone has had there turn, I will ask everyone to vote on all the many looks that the lucky few sent in
Whoever gets the most votes, i.e. whoever styles it the best
Wins the item!
Sounds kinda confusing i know, but i promise it’s not!
Yes, I’m glad you asked!
1. If you are one of the chosen few who gets the item you must treat it well
-Do not hurt the item, i.e get marks or stains on it, do not rip or tear it, you may end up owning it so you wouldn’t want to ruin it now would you?
2. You must send in at least one picture of you wearing the item, this is the only way you will be eligible to win it. There is no limit to how many pictures you can send in.
3. This is a free to use service, But we do ask that if you have a blog/twitter/Facebook or any other service like this you do give us and whoever provided the item, i.e shop,designer, a shout out if you are chosen
4. All items must be sent by recorded delivery. You have to pay the postage to sent the item on to the next person. The person before you paid for your postage, so you are just giving back if you see what I mean!
5. If you want to wash/Dry Clean the item when you receive it, please feel free to do so but read the washing instructions and follow them very carefully to avoid damaging the garment.
6. This works on trust, and trust alone!
Do not steal the item
Do not sell the item
Do not keep the item
You will be caught!
And you will be the person solely responsible for ruining the fun for everyone else, now you don’t want that do you?
7. This is open to everyone, you can be from any country in the world, no restrictions!
This blog will be where all the lucky few’s photos will be posted
So keep coming and checking them out
It will be basically like Lot’s of inspiring outfit posts, showing you how many different ways to wear the item!
Also we need you, the readers to comment and vote, as this is the only way we will find a winner
If you are one of the lucky few there is no rule that says you can not get a campaign started to win you votes either,promote yourself, your style, be inventive!
Yes one hundred percent free!
Sound’s fun right?
Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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